An Introduction to the Series

Nov 09 2010

I’ve been giving this some thought for a while, which is to say that I thought about it once a few months ago and then completely forgot.

I’m going to write a little advice on being a grown up – directed at my son.  I’m going to post it here for your review and boredom first – then I’ll give it to him after you all approve.  Or wake up.  Whichever.

I’ll be covering all sorts of topics, with the hope of touching on everything he needs to know:

Family Matters
Love, Sex, and general woman issues.  (that may be a book in and of itself)
Raising kids

and anything else I can think of that fits.  It will be brutally honest, so Mom, stop reading now.

I’m open to suggestions on topics.  Please don’t tell me WHAT to write about the topic – but you may suggest topics. That’s why I’m posting this “introduction” – if you have topics you’d like me to cover – say so.  I’ll see what I can do.

Wish me luck.

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  1. hooray!! I’m so glad you’ve decided to do this!!

  2. I can’t wait. Especially to read from you about women issues.
    Get started already!
    *Makes popcorn, sits and waits*

  3. 1. I think this is a truly fantastic idea. Really. No teasing from me – not right now anyways.

    2. Re: Love, Sex, and general woman issues: If you know where a clitoris is and what to do with it, teach him that please. There is no such thing as TMI when it comes to the clitoris.

    What? You said brutally honest, didn’t you? Does that not include explicit as well?


  4. OMG you posted something!

  5. Deb – I edited it to use the full name :)
    more scientific that way.

  6. I want to meet Deb.

  7. personal hygiene. So very important.

  8. Spirituality (religion if you must), Faith, & Death

  9. Darlene – not sure you’re going to like what I have to say there :)

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