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Embrace the Change

Oct 03 2011 Published by under Ramble On

First I ask you to go read this:


This was written by my dear friend Wendy who has spent the last year kicking cancer’s ass to the curb.

Guess what – right after finding out she had cancer, she lost her job.


I’ll let that sink in a bit.

For a year, we friends watched her, cried with her, gave her moral support – but really – what else can we do?  We can’t go in there and take the cancer out.  We can’t help her pay the piles of bills that just keep coming.  Or can we?

Wendy has been selected to be the special recipient of Boobiethon this year.  That means that when making your donation to Boobiethon (you all donate every year, right?) you have the choice to donate directly to Wendy instead.  Awesome!

I would like to entice you to donate to Wendy as well.

I am auctioning off the photo below.

Proceeds will go directly to Wendy.

Highest bidder gets this print, framed, at 15×20 (print size – frame size is 24.5×18.5).  I chose this photo because it represents change for ME.  I took this exactly 20 minutes after finding out that I had lost MY job – while on vacation in San Diego.  It signaled a huge change for me – and while I usually don’t explain things as I see them in my photos – I do see this as the boy walking toward the possible unknown.


But seriously – it represents change for me – that’s why I picked it.

Click to Embiggen

Please post your bid in the comments below.  I will post the highest bids, so you know where we stand, but the bidder’s names will remain private.  The winner will have the option of allowing his/her name to be posted.

The winner will ALSO have the option of changing the above to a print of ANY PHOTO I HAVE EVER TAKEN – in the same approximate size.

Bidding closes Friday at noon Eastern.

Minimum Starting Bid is $100 [try to go get a 24x18 framed original photograph for $100 - i dare ya.]


Please note – while rendering the photo to show it within the frame, the quality was greatly compromised.  the photo itself is much clearer than in the above representation.

the actual photo, as shown on my flickr stream is much clearer:

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